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Odessa Marriage agency present more than 2000 girls - beautiful ukrainian brides. Hot and sexy Odessa ladies waiting for a meeting with you on the site of dating service


Site located in Germany. It Ip is Also we found 40 dating sites on same ip -,,

"single girls and Odessa women for marriage - Ukraine mail order brides dating agency" - it's the title of the site.

Odessa Marriage agency present more than 2000 girls - beautiful ukrainian brides. Hot and sexy Odessa ladies waiting for a meeting with you on the site of dating service


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  1. As an analyst and reviewer, I do not see any kind of a review with any value what so ever. This site only tells me about the site. Not whether there are scams or instances of fraud. The big question of all these sites are whether or not these girls are given fees for showing up ( which may be for travel expenses or their time. The men that sign up help pay these fees with their buy ins to the services. The women could easily be going for the food and drinks and a little extra cash just for showing up. They are very pretty and many I am sure would have no problem getting a good Ukrainian man. They are there. Who would ever know what their real motive is if they are not vetted? I have seen many probably hundreds of videos by now and see some of the same women. They are the pros who show up for the food drink and some are well-known escorts and others just plain scammers with the I need a new phone so I can talk to you story or my mother needs a liver transplant BS. Sure there are some women I am sure in there desperate cause their husband died in the war with Russia or of other causes like alcoholism and they are left to fend for themselves with 3 kids. My curiosity is who is vetting them and who is doing quality control on women who are their for the reasons of finding a mate and not just loading up so they can go out the club later and hook up with their real boyfriend. I know there are fat slovenly unkept uneducated hopeless men out there that think their retirement savings and a smile will get them a 20 year old when they are 68. I realize how unrealistic they are but you sell that hope and it is not right. I hope you are doing this but you really need to push the concept of realism that an old man is not going to have a chance with a girl like that unless it is a paid sexual transaction and nothing else. If it were me and I had an agency I would screen the men in a way that weeds out the unrealistic men and give them a sense of clarity so their experience is realistic? Only Anna Nicole Smith can pull off a 50-60 year age gap marriage and get away with it and she is dead. Thank God.

    As for this site, I am not seeing any value in it at all. You are talking about the site quality and not the service. What is the point?
    By Robert at 2019-12-26 18:00:34 Show Votes

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