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London Calling? London Dating!

London Calling Dating
London is one of those unique European cities that's well known for its diversity, and the number of sub- and micro-cultures. No matter if you are a girl who's only visiting London for a short while, a student on an exchange program or a local London girl looking for a London boy, the busy and diverse London dating scene has something to offer. So, let's delve into some of the unique types of guys that you will find only in the London dating environment.

London dating type 1: The Indie Shoreditch Kid

You might be unfamiliar with London culture and London dating, and if Shoreditch doesn't provide immediate associations, think of it as a London equivalent of New York's Soho, or Berlin's Kreuzberg. The Indie Shoreditch Kid is unique to the London Dating scene though - he's all about the music and the "scene", he has an unique, quirky fashion sense, and he's likely to dabble in arts, design or music. If you are into London dating and interested in gigs, underground parties and alternative indie modern art galleries, this is the man for you.

London dating type 2: The City Banker

If your idea of London dating is being wined and dined at fancy restaurants, look no further from the City banker - he's your London dating choice. The City banker is well spoken, well educated and well dressed... not to mention well off. This type of guy is really unique to the London dating scene - nowhere else will you find that specific blend of classy and yuppie. He will treat you like the Queen of England, and you will never have to pay for anything while with him. Just be prepared for his slightly arrogant persona and the well known British "stiff upper lip" - but some lovers of London dating believe that those are a large part of the City banker's charm.

London Dating type 3: The East Ender

If you believe that men should be, first and foremost manly, consider starting your London dating adventure with the East Ender. He is the proper London bloke, and datinghim will provide you with the unique opportunity to learn all the intricacies of Cockney riming.

The East ender is at home in the London dating scene, and he knows the city like the back of his pocket. His idea of a proper London date isn't complete without a visit to an old fashioned and charming pub, but if you really win him over, he will take you back home, to meet the mum and the family. Back home for a East Ender means somewhere around Bow Bells, and he is probably the most "authentic" off all the types you will meet during your London dating adventure.

London dating type 4: The Richmond Gentleman

This rundown of the London dating scene wouldn't be complete without the Richmond gent. He is the personification of British posh and class, a true gentleman. He's natural habitat is the countryside, and unlike some other representatives of the London dating scene, he is the epitome of cool and collected. Like the East Ender, his big on family, but unlike him, his very outdoorsy, enjoying polo, hunting and rugby.

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