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Completely free dating:

Fdating is a free dating site. This fact is already delightful for those people who think that love should cost nothing. But experienced online daters already know that not all free platforms are good. What about this particular one?

In fact, the flaws of free dating sites are seen here too. The absence of technical support, a big number of fraudulent accounts that cannot be reported or removed, low-quality design, and limited features are among these flaws. It’s predictable when you deal with free platforms, as they do not earn from serving you properly: they earn from ads and commercials of the third parts. In other words, the sites like Fdating aren’t exactly interested in your comfort and good dating results.

Some free dating sites manage to provide qualitative services, but not the ones with Russian and Ukrainian women in their database. The experience shows this popular category of girls should better be accompanied with good organizational and informational help. That’s why the truth is in a middle: between totally free dating sites and very expensive pay-per-letters sites. The most effective ones work on a basis of monthly subscription.

Many have heard of another free Russian dating site called Mamba. It has a vast database of women and profiles are normally real, but the girls’ appearance is often below average, otherwise they date only local guys and use foreigners for extra profit. Well, reportedly, Fdating is a bit better than that. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t survive in the market since 2009. There are more qualitative and genuine girls in its database, but one has to spend a lot of time to find someone really nice and serious-minded.
fdating girls

Technical issues and other flaws to be aware of:

Users on Fdating often complain their profiles have been suspended or even removed without a reason, not because someone reported them or people did something wrong, but literally because of nothing. Customer support doesn’t react on such users’ complains in any way.

As to profiles’ quality, it cannot even be called low or unprofessional, simply lots of weird things take place there. For example, profiles with the same photo, that indicate different locations, different age, etc.

Another weird thing is that users do not reply even if they seem to be online. It’s ok if to take into account human factor and incompatibility, but when 10 and 40 online users do not reply at all – it’s definitely a red flag.

On another hand, those ones who reply, immediately start to tell sad stories about their life and ask for money. Both men and women are following the same scheme of behaviour. For sure, it doesn’t look normal.

Scammers exist everywhere on the Internet, and warnings against them are always same: do not send the money to someone you haven’t met yet; do not listen to all those sad stories or scary stories before you developed a profound romance; if you sent the money already or brought the gifts but didn’t receive any appreciation from a person, do not repeat your mistake twice.

Actually, the girls who at least agreed to meet and came to the meeting, is a big step forward in online dating. You just have to watch their behaviour: they shouldn’t be too demanding about fancy restaurants and shopping, they shouldn’t bring the expensive interpreter on every meeting, they shouldn’t claim they live too far away and charge you a lot for their taxi back home. Another trick is making you acquainted with her family too soon, and all those relatives can appear to be friends or actors who play for their little reward. A sincere girl is down-to-earth and well-balanced without too quick or too slow decisions, so don’t waste your time on wrong relationships.
fdating men

Real meeting is highly possible:

Although so many users and especially female users are fake on Fdating, many are real and readily set up the meeting with you. Just it’s important to ask from the beginning how a girl see your first date and what she would like to achieve with its help. It’s a common rule that older women are usually serious in their intentions and tolerate any disadvantages or inconveniences in order to find a life partner. While young girls want luxury and a lot of courtship even if they are marriage-minded. Fdating isn’t a hookup site and you can expect that a certain number of women are searching for a mate through it.

It’s a good thing that Fdating at least doesn’t charge for providing you with a girl’s personal contacts. Some companies charge a lot for this kind of service.

In general, if you’re cautious enough and you’ve got plenty of time and patience to complete your search, then you’ll succeed. That’s probably why the rate of Fdating isn’t completely low. Success stories happen but all these people put a lot of efforts and take all responsibility for their actions online.

But let’s analyze who exactly succeeds on this site. Let’s be fair, progressive youth won’t use the site with such a plain and boring design, plus young westerners aren’t ready to go abroad for meeting girls. Wealthy men well-established socially, aren’t attracted by free dating sites and average women, they have their own sources of brides and girlfriends. Therefore, only middle-aged workers with a small income remain, so if genuine girls on Fdating aren’t all supermodels, it can be called a healthy balance, still.

Fdating is also suitable for flirting and learning more about Slavic culture. But if that is your goal, communicate with women who do not call you a sweetheart every minute and have something more profound to share.

Following these simple recommendations will help you to use Fdating and other free Russian dating sites with the utmost result for you.

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