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Tired of flings, and hookups? Gay Marriage members are looking to find love, and meet a partner for a meaningful, long-term relationship.


Site located in United States. It Ip is

"Gay Marriage & Same Sex Marriage at Gaymarriage.Net" - it's the title of the site.The most important text on the main page - "Tired of playing around? Meet singles just like you. TM", "When you are ready for a serious relationship For lesbian relationships click here", "Start Looking for Love".

Tired of flings, and hookups? Gay Marriage members are looking to find love, and meet a partner for a meaningful, long-term relationship.


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Good-working for a decade:

Grindr is a famous gay chat site and app that earned its good reputation by numerous efforts and stable work. LGBTQ+ online dating scene is growing rapidly since the end of the 90s and not many platforms managed to synchronize with this growth. Grindr did. That’s probably why statistics show over 35 million messages are sent through this platform every day, by over 7 million users.

The Grindr gay dating app is the newest addition to the gay online dating scene. Its fun, its easy, and its so easy to get access to that you can create an account for free right now! So how do you get started? The easiest way to sign up and get your first Grindr gay online dating encounter is to search for Grindr gay personals on Google or any other reputable online dating community. Once you have your choice of a specific Grindr gay personals site to choose from, simply click Sign Up and then create your account. This is where you create your unique Grindr profile and begin communicating with other members of the site.

For sure, it helps to win such a popularity that Grindr isn’t for gay men only. Many dating sites are making this mistake and their profit is getting miserable. Too many personalities today do not identify themselves as strictly gay or lesbian. Instead, the categories are flexible and changeable. Many blogs and researches are dedicated to this phenomenon. Grindr seems to take it into account and give a space to all kinds of LGBTQ+ folks.

Another correct step is allowing all kinds of youth to have group chats on a base of the platform. It adds the features of social network to a typical dating site. With the help of Grindr, people discuss social and cultural events, organize things, arrange the clubs on common interests and so on. It was very smart of the owners to make it all possible. With only this little trick, the number of members is growing enormously.

Grindr proves it’s trendy, by presence of amusing smiles and ice-breakers indicating the popular categories of gay men: Jock, Bear, Daddy, and others. Developers definitely did a great job making their messenger very unique. On another hand, it isn’t just playful but also respectful towards its users, since the HIV status is indicated in profiles as well. Many experienced daters and social workers would confirm it’s an absolutely necessary measure. In fact, this feature should be present on heterosexual dating sites as well, but unfortunately, we do not observe that.

Although Grindr can be used for hook-ups and it often is, it cares a lot about staying decent. The users are encouraged to created very detailed profiles. Vulgar and erotic photos or other content aren’t allowed, under the danger of being banned. Any online harassment or offence should be immediately reported, and in case of Grindr, you know for sure the administrators won’t let you down.

Great for young peers and for hook-ups:

Grindr indeed creates favourable conditions for young people who want to chat and have fun. The site isn’t exactly suitable for lasting relationships or sugar daddy dating. It’s perfect for shallow relaxing talks, arranging a date, and exchanging opinions on this or that matter. Everything that young people like!

This app makes things simple, just like going to a local gay bar. It’s just fun and it’s a no strings attached venue. People find each other, chat just a bit, and meet as soon as possible to spend great time together.

Grindr is both for progressive youngsters who already had their coming out, and for those who still live in a shadow. It’s equally convenient for both categories. The first category feels this place is perfect for them since they are in a friendly environment and communicate with other brave folks. The second category enjoys the non-judgmental atmosphere where they can remain secretive and desired, still.

The untold motto of Grindr is: do your thing and your mom won’t know. It’s hard to say when exactly it became so popular exactly among late teens and schoolers, but fun features and simplicity definitely played a big role in that.

Real gain without any pain:

Grindr is famous for its quick and comparatively safe results. Of course, it all depends on the user, his carefulness and wisdom. It’s crucial to use safety measures and also analyze online talks with strangers before meeting them. Luckily, there are no scary stories connected with this app, and the times have changed a lot, but carefulness never hurts.

Although hookup platforms are obviously for quick decisions and urgent meetings, it’s better to never be in hurry. The physical need and impatience are understandable, but no one wants negative experiences: the user’s mail rule should be, think twice before making any steps!

When there’s no way back and the meeting is already arranged, one should prepare for it well. Gay who isn’t after a serious relationship yet, should always have the alternative safety kit with him: not only condoms and a lubricant but also a pepper spray, a stun gun, extra phone with urgent numbers in its contact list. It is needed in case if one’s main phone is stolen or taken away from him. It’s no different for lesbians or queer folks! There were cases when men registered under the female name and came on the meeting. A smart person should take into account all possible dangers.

Grindr may have very strong competitors in future, and there are already some. But it gives something to its members that other platforms don’t. First of all, real meetings indeed take place with its help and it never disrespects its members in any regard. Probably that’s why it is considered one of the best in LGBTQ+ dating scene.

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Italgay is an Italian gay dating community. Here you will find gays and lesbians from Italy and around the world. Beautiful men from Italy are online to meet other guys. Italian lesbians looking for partners.

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