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Safety comes first when interacting with people on a free dating app. Read the article for several steps you can take in order to stay safe.

Tips to help you stay safe when using a free dating app

With online dating becoming increasingly popular, it’s no wonder more and more people make a decision to give it a try. And why wouldn’t they? In the world of today, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get connected with a like-minded person and start a long lasting romantic relationship. However, one shouldn’t forget about their personal safety when dating online. If you’re using a free dating app, there are certain steps you can take in order to maximize your safety when interacting with various people behind the screen.

Don’t use photos from your social media channels

One can easily make an image search, and if you use your Facebook or Instagram photos for as profile pictures on a free dating app, it will be effortless for someone to identify you or even find your location.

Don’t hesitate blocking users if you feel something is not right

If you don’t get the right vibes form someone trying to get connected with you, it’s always possible to block them or even to report them. Don’t hesitate using this option on a free dating app out of fear of hurting their feelings. Your safety comes first.

Don’t share your personal information right away

If you haven’t met a person face to face, don’t share any personal information with them, especially your home address and bank details. Even if they claim they’d like to send you a bunch of flowers or a small gift, revealing your exact location is not a good idea. If someone insists on getting this information out of you, consider starting to look for your perfect match elsewhere.

Ignore the entire request for financial assistance

Even if you grow increasingly fond of a person you’ve met via a free dating app, don’t send them any money if you haven’t met them in person. There are plenty of scammers on all the dating sites, no matter how secure they claim to be, and the only thing they are up to is separating you with your hard earned money. Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing that happen.

Tell your friends or family about your online dating

Show the profile of a person you date online to your closest friends or family members. Share some details of your interaction with them. If your friends can point out some warning signals, take them seriously.
As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Remember this idiom when dating someone online.


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Good reputation at all times:

Plenty of Fish is a dating site and app with a stably good reputation and high rate. Only imagine 90 million of active members worldwide that are using both the desktop and smartphone versions. It isn’t surprising after all, since the owner of POF has also developed such super-popular platforms as Tinder and OurTime.

For sure, like all crowded dating sites, POF cannot guarantee one hundred percent sincere audience. Very different people are joining it and it’s nearly impossible to control their online activity or intentions. But the majority of users are real folks who come there with a serious purpose, meaning that hookups are in fact more decent than scamming and gold-digging.

Now what attracts such a big number of visitors if there are dozens of other effective sites? POF has very obvious advantages making that possible. First of all, the most essential features are available for free, which explains a huge number of students and youth in the database. At the same time, lots of men without a stable profession or in a middle of financial crisis join this platform as well, since they cannot invest much in the relationship. Single women must consider this nuance and be aware.

Young people who appreciate convenience, also love the option of uploading the photos right from their FB or Instagram accounts. Not all dating sites are offering such an opportunity so POF is definitely a winner in this regard.

Another popular option for teens and lazy or busy persons is voice messaging. It allows to communicate even while driving or, for example, during the break in the Uni. It’s also much easier to chat this way before sleep. What is important, voice messaging on POF works without technical problems and we cannot say the same about other platforms. Matching algorithm isn’t glitchy either.

Let’s just add some concrete numbers to confirm this positive impression. POF is succeeding in its important work since 2003. At least 80 percents of POF members are real people with real intentions, which is a lot taking into account the usual percentage of scammers on the Internet. Finally, POF is popular among 20 – 45 y.o. singles so it’s not the typical shallow hookup site for youth but a full-fledged dating platform.

The pitfalls are only few:

Like we mentioned, super popular giant platforms cannot be perfect. It’s technically impossible to keep it in a perfect condition having so many active members with very different demands. It’s already surprising and honourable enough that members with wrong behaviour or fake accounts can be easily reported, and administrators do a lot in order to weed them out. But the fact that 20 percents of the users are exactly fake personalities and/or gold diggers, remains reality. Still it’s not much for a site without a proper verification process.

Another realistic fact is being overloaded with the ads, bots, and even pornographic content such as frank images of professional escort. All we can say – free dating sites should survive somehow especially with such an enormous technical base that demands resources. The situation of POF is that it provides all necessary features and tools for communication in a free version. Online dating on this platform is so effective that makes no sense to pay monthly for its services. As a result, it lives on the ads only, without being too selective.

Because of these inappropriate ads, bots, and commercial users, Plenty Of Fish cannot be recommended to teenagers or seniors, although many of them love its convenience. POF is in the list of parental control and cannot be called completely safe. But it’s indeed precious for all adults.

Simplicity of making contacts:

Platforms like POF, can remain in eternal use. Not only they serve their users loyally and effectively, but also update regularly and add new innovative features when needed. It has a modern design, responsive customer support, and does everything to satisfy all categories of members. If not all these factors, it would never be able to keep its high position in the dating market, among hundreds of strong competitors.

It’s very easy to make contact on POF. Messages are unlimited even in a free version. Profiles tend to be detailed not vague, so there’s always something to talk about starting from the very first message. With millions of members online, it’s impossible to remain in silence and loneliness. Finally, there is an app for smartphones as well, not only the desktop version, so users can keep in touch 24/7. And many of them do!

Reportedly, POF has been much less commercial a decade ago, and its effectiveness seemed even higher. But being flooded with ads is compensated and balanced with the rapidly growing database of members, so in fact, results aren’t getting any worse with time.

Although POF is mostly used for hook-ups, it is happening only due to a modern culture and promoted open-mindedness. It’s not a superficial dating site and its potential is way too big for a hookup platform. At least a half of users, especially 35+ are looking for serious relationships. Informative profiles and questionnaires, profile photos with visible faces instead of body parts or alternate objects on them, regular reporting of abusive members, perverts, provocative stuff – all these tools and measures constantly raise the quality of the dating site and make the communication process there much smoother.

Many prefer POF over shallow and naughty swipe-based platforms where nothing is known about the potential partner except for his sexiness. Dating sites like this one, give the hope that modern requirements can be met and harmoniously combined with the profound classical search of mate or even a soul mate.

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