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Our Zamboanga marriage agency is a great online dating platform that joins hearts of lonely people all over the world. That’s why we would like to share information what to talk about with Zamboanga women on a date. How to properly communicate, so that to meet again next time? Also, with our help you will find out what you can talk about with a girl, so that she would be comfortable spending time with you.

What to talk with a girl on a date?

Perhaps you have had situations when you are sitting with a girl, and you understand that you need to communicate with her, but you do not know what to talk about. You come up with a theme, and you think: "Maybe you should not talk about this?".

That’s why we’ve decided to write about what you can talk with a girl on the first date, and most importantly - how to do it right.

  1. About her.

The girl likes when you are interested in her life. You can ask what she likes, where and with whom she spends most of her time, what are her goals in life? Also ask, what places in this city does she like? What does he like to cook? If there are common friends, then you can talk about them. Also talk about travel and pets.

  1. About yourself.

What to talk to the girl on the first date? - of course, about yourself. You must remember that when you come to a date, the young lady practically does not know anything about you. You're like a blank piece of paper for her. And if you tell her that you are a complete loser, she will believe you, and next time she will not want to see you again. But if you say that you are the best guy in the world and you have a lot of money, it will look like you are showing off. And women do not like it.

But is there a way out? Of course, it is. You need to tell her that you're a cool guy, but not directly. For example, you play football and want a girl to know about it. You can say this: "And the football coach told me ...". And you focus on the second part of the story.

You should talk about the girl and yourself immediately, from the first minutes of the date. And these two points must go in parallel. A woman, for example, tells where she has traveled, then you tell me where you've been, and so on. You need to talk about yourself and the girl so that you will know each other well. Also, the information you learn about the lady you like, will be very useful to you in the future.

  1. About childhood and experiences.

That's what it's worth talking to the girl on the first date. This must be done in order to increase her interest. Have you ever had such a thing that you communicate with a woman, well, just a soul in the soul? And it does not matter what you are talking about, your mutual understanding is so cool that you want to talk to her for hours and never stop. Such a conversation can be achieved by themes about childhood and experiences.

What mistakes are always made when communicating with Zamboanga brides?

  • You're acting unnatural.

Some guys, when interacting with girls, want to appear steeper than they really are. They can somehow change their voice. Well, for example, speak slowly and quietly. Someone - wants to show how cheerful he is, someone - plays the role of a gentle and caring guy.

But a woman will very quickly figure out such a person. She will understand that he wants to just impress her. That he tries to please her. And the girls do not like it very much, therefore, you need to be what you really are.

  • You ask a lot of questions in a row.

Do not ask even more than one question in a row. It looks like an interrogation. Such communication very annoys any girl. She will simply get bored with you. Therefore, as soon as the young lady stops speaking, tell something about yourself. Let her listen, relax. Such communication is much easier.

  • You do not listen to what she says.

A woman feels when you are interested in her story, and when you are not. So ask her what you really want to hear. Do not ask any question, just not to be silent. Everyone wants to be listened to. And if the young lady realizes that you do not care about her words, she will not want to tell you anything else.



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