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All kinds of casual relationships: is a comparatively new site that quickly becomes popular. First of all, it is mostly used for casual sex and women’s gallery there has nothing to do with glamorous mail-order-brides we used to see. Those are rather low-quality selfies and faces aren’t even seen, in some cases. Girls openly take pictures of their seductive chest. Well, frank girls are a necessary part of all successful hookups. isn’t meant for distanced relationships, it’s all about local sex meetings and it’s focused on users from western countries. At the same time, the platform is available worldwide.

It’s quite interesting that suggests all possible kinds of casual relationships, and there is already a sufficient quantity of users in each category. It opens big possibilities for everyone looking for sex online.

It is convenient to select your category from the beginning or even pick two of them, to make your search more effective. Toy boys can search for their cougars, young and beautiful sugar babies – for sugar daddies, other admirers – for big beautiful women or milfs. In fact, many users are choosing several categories as their wishes and skills are flexible.

What is good about, there are no professional escort girls, webcam girls, high-paid ladyboys, or a similar commercial audience. This platform is completely for private relationships where honesty and mutual respect are key characteristics.

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Both anonymity and openness are possible:

The majority of hookup platforms tend to be anonymous, support or even promote anonymity. But doesn’t limit itself by that. Users are provided with all necessary conditions for either keeping their anonymity or being very open.

Secretive mode is often chosen by teens, married or taken people who hide their adventures from the partner, high-positioned businessmen, and so on. That’s why it is absolutely necessary on dating platforms and cannot be excluded.

But there are many people who are proud of their position regarding sex and other views in life, plus, they realize that openness makes it more accessible for other singles. That’s why hookup sites and apps shouldn’t be completely secretive by default. made a big step forward allowing people to either be themselves of wear the masks, depending on their current needs and mood. But it’s not the only one innovative action of this platform: it went much further.

It is quite unique that a platform is combining a very plain and authentic database, the side-effects of which are low-quality photos made by cheap smartphones, with amazing trendy design. Usually it doesn’t happen like that. Trendy sites and apps have pre-selected galleries of the fashion magazine quality, while the sites with plain and unattractive design present non-qualitative, non-premoderated photos.

But exactly this unusual combination gives a hope to think that is a decent and trustworthy platform which cares about its members and provides them with all necessary conditions for real successful meetings.

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It stands apart from fraudulent sites:

The problem of fraudulent sites and apps is that they don’t even hide their wrong intentions. Judge yourself: customer support is always absent or almost absent on such platforms. All girls registered there seem to be models or celebrities, at least. Bots, scammers, and hired personalities are attacking the users with messages and it’s usually impossible to ask the administrators about refunding. Isn’t this sad situation too familiar to all of us? But is completely different in that.

First of all, its technical support team works 24/7, quickly and efficiently reacting on all requests from the members. It’s already a sign of good quality. Then, the database consists of very average girls, pretty girls, and even unattractive girls in equal proportions, which realistically reflects offline dating. It may seem unpleasant to some demanding and picky men, but they should agree it’s much better than corresponding with catfishers only. Finally, scammers and other abusive or suspicious members can be immediately reported with the purpose of banning and removing from the database.

Experts think all these options are rare for modern hookup platforms, and should be highly appreciated by the users. In era of Internet dating, too many people are scammed and abandoned for money, and there’s no real punishment for that in the international or local law. It’s especially frequently practiced on hookup platforms as the owners realize their users prefer to keep things in secret and are ready to lose financially in return for silence and peace.

hookup colorado singles

But there’s no need to get used to unfair dating practices. It should be normal to find casual partners in a fair way, meet them in a fair way, and have satisfactory results without being fooled. is a highly recommended platform exactly because it discovered the recipe for reaching good results, making all users happy, and staying decent. Many hookup sites and phone applications are too loud with their social motto, such as a modern woman’s sexual freedom and rights, but they do nothing on practice and only use this motto for enriching themselves. While doesn’t say much on social topics and simply accomplishes its work, day by day.

It’s important to add that is a rapidly developing casual sex dating site with a database that constantly grows. It promises to become one of the biggest hookup platforms with time, by the experts’ forecast, even to the end of 2019. Many success stories shared by non-secretive users, confirm this forecast and attract more and more loyal members that do not plan to switch to other platforms.




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Favorable conditions are provided:

HUD is an app and site for adults, or, in other words, one of the hookup platforms. When you start studying its conditions and offers, it really seems that all factors necessary for good results, are taken into account. Blurred photos for a better security, free chats, messages that can be sent to anyone without limits, promoting of women’s sexual freedom and providing them with convenient features, all that attracts people’s attention a lot.

With a free chat, no payments are needed, but extra features are available only after Premium subscription which isn’t costly though. Where is the trick then? Is it really such an amazing app created with the most noble purposes, with much love towards people?

To answer this question, let’s start from a little simple research. Hook-ups aren’t less important than marriage, in regard of trust. All people deserve trustworthy connections on reliable platforms leading to safe sex. That’s why phone applications and sites which do not keep their promises, are disturbing both for experts and for simple users.

Good intentions but doubtful methods:

One doesn’t have to be a good analytic to recognize the fraud on HUD. From the very first sight, you can notice that majority of members’ profile photos look like magazine pictures.

There’s nothing wrong when photos for online dating are taken in the studio, for better results. The same comes to photos taken among nature by a professional photographer. But when those high-quality pictures have a scenario, men and women look like celebrities, and have a special aura of expensive chic around them?.. Then, most probably, these are fake profiles with the stolen photos.

To not be in hurry with such conclusions, let’s take a closer look at chats and correspondence via HUD. Again, you immediately notice the fact that all chats are initiated by absolutely gorgeous people whose looks and a photo layout remind you of Hollywood, at least. Moreover, all these hotties are contacting you three times a minute, rhythmically like some mechanism. Maybe because it’s a mechanism indeed!

Many apps and sites use this trick, in fact. Some only start from it and later switch to a honest mode, while others keep using it for ages. Sadly, HUD is from the last category.

It isn’t really understood why an owner of the hookup app would need to make it so completely fake. All people want to hookup, don’t they? It seems so easy to gather them together into a honest database, and make a bigger profit out of real users. It’s a well-known business rule that one looses much on dishonesty and earns much on a real qualitative product. HUD doesn’t follow this rule at all.
hud chat

The blog and other extra features attract, still:

Some trendy dating apps are starting from the social network concept or the sharp social blog. HUD did both. But just like another popular hookup platform we won’t name here, HUD stopped on this. These features are attractive for the users but they aren’t accompanied with qualitative basic services.

The concept that helped HUD to become famous, was connected with women’s rights and freedoms. Since we still live in somewhat patriarchal society where a man should always make the first step and a woman must stay passive, there are modern initiatives aimed to change that.

HUD also made this step and announced that women’s initiative is greatly welcomed on the platform. It would be cool if they announced that with the care of quick successful hookups, but it seems to be just a commercial action. How do we know that? Well, all the women who use this wonderful innovative service and write to men first, seem to be computer bots. No more, no less!
hud family

It’s a bright example of using the loud social concept for enriching themselves but not for people’s better private life. It demonstrates once again how commercial structures manipulate with our ideals and ideas.

However, while these concepts aren’t confirmed on practice, they are nicely enlightened theoretically on HUD blog and vlog. Since these sources are available for free, it makes sense to enjoy their advantages.
hud family

Now, what do that blog do for women’s joy and convenience? It shows to us that HUD indeed cooperates with various social organizations and companies by promoting their events. Moreover, it promotes not only the events dedicated to women’s rights and fun, but also the ones dedicated to non-binary and queer people. Isn’t that strong?

At least, it’s helpful. That is why we are making a conclusion that HUD is a theoretical social platform, in the first place, but not a practical one. Its dating service seems purely illustrative and doesn’t bring any fruits. It makes no sense to take it seriously and pay the money or expect it to match you with the real person. Watch out, if your hopes go that far.

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