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Site located in Luxembourg. It Ip is

"Multilingual Dating Service | Многоязычная почтовая служба | Mehrsprachiger Online-Datingservice | Le service multilingual de connaissance | Tante lingue servizio di conoscenza | Servicio multilingüe de encuentros | 多国语言交友服务 | 多言語的なデートサービス" - it's the title of the site.

Multilingual Dating Service Многоязычная почтовая служба Mehrsprachiger Online-Datingservice Le service multilingual de connaissance Tante lingue servizio di conoscenza Servicio multilingüe de encuentros 多国语言交友服务 多言語的なデートサービス


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2 Reviews

  1. BEWARE of sites like this one, they offer an interesting catch just to swindle you out of lots of cash. Many lonely men looking for love are easy pray for these predators.

    The site is poorly designed claiming confidentiality and professionalism, all lies.
    They get your attention with weak profiles of beautiful women from around the world, all photos are professionally taken and photo shopped. It is a joke, they ask you to please add only decent pictures; yet, all the ladies' profiles are full of partially naked pictures.

    Shortly after you create a shady profile, you are bombarded with love letters of incredible looking women dying to marry you instantly. The moment you try to send the first reply, guess what? there is a charge per word. The catch is that the site will translate you message to the ladies' language. And also it will translate her reply. Of course they charge you per word translated.

    Several hundreds dollars later and hundreds of nonsense translated chats you will get nowhere. These ladies will always have an excuse not to communicate with you off the site. They will try to distract you with sad stories or even sexier pictures.

    So where is the scam you ask; they do casting calls to girls overseas and offer them some money to create profiles with sexy pictures. And in exchange the girls will get paid a small percentage of cash for every time their profile receives a return letter. Now the site has an answering service who translates and carries on the scam and keeps a log on your cyber love story. How do I know this; I created different profiles and corresponded with a group of 5 girls. I carried different love stories with each of the five. Some of them gave me different names and different backgrounds; a total professional con job. One girl pretended to be the closest thing to a virgin to one of my profiles; and a total slut to my other profile. Beware of the Russian/Ukrnian ones, they are very skilled at playing on your good side. I caught on to the scam because some of the Asian and Latino girls were extremely sexually aggressive. Right from the get go they were in love with you and they wanted to have cyber sex with you after 3 words exchanged. I even created one profile with no pictures and still it was bombarded with love letters declaring the ghost profile was the love of their lives.

    I tested these girls by asking them to leave the site and to use Skype, email or Whatsapp; they always made up an excuse or they stopped writing for a couple of weeks; they returned later pretending illness or a travel. Also I asked them to send me a quick selfie picture or a video. No luck either, they sent only pre shot or doctored images or some shady picture non related to a simple selfie taken at home. Or simply they claimed their phone broke or just ignored your request

    Wake up, if a model looking woman near your house does not want to marry you; well it is not happening overseas either. This place will only play on your emotions and your wallet. STAY AWAY!!
    By Ric at 2015-09-17 17:31:26 Show Votes
  2. I agree with the other review to 100%, nothing to rewrite all again.
    It is simple scam.
    If you write to same girl in VK (russian facebook) they not know about their profiles there.
    Some girls there have about 100 or more profiles, some with exactly the same photos.
    I know some girls in Ukraine, who worked for such sites, it was a good business. They had higher income than standard ukrainian income, and no hassle with sexistic boss or clients.
    From their point of view a clever and intelligent way to earn money, but, just a betrayal.
    Thanks to capitalism all over the world now.
    By Mardhuin at 2017-06-01 16:12:32 Show Votes

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