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What's the deal with cougar dating?

cougar dating
Cougar dating is a relatively new term. The word cougar itself stands for an older woman who is primarily interested in dating younger man. Cougars are usually well off financially, successful and independent, and many younger guys are interested in cougar dating and attracted to these beautiful older women. Cougars and cougar dating might have a bad rep, and there's still a bit of a social stigma surrounding them, but it's getting more and more accepted each year. After all, if it's perfectly normal for older men to date younger women, why isn't it ok for a cougar to be dating a young guy?

Traditionally, most of the cougar dating was happening in upscale bars. There, woman aged anywhere from 35 to 50 could put on their fancy clothes, fabulous makeup and jewelry and meet and flirt with attractive younger guys. But today, with the rise in the popularity of internet and web dating sites, a lot of the cougar dating scene is moving online. There are even specialized cougar dating websites that are dedicated specially to the needs of cougars and their boy toys. Online cougar dating might be a fairly new concept, but it's clear that it's increasingly popular, mainly due to the fact that it allows both cougars and guys who like them to meet each other much faster and in a more convenient way than it was previously possible.

Online cougar dating is becoming so popular for both woman and men because it enables them to meet someone and even start a long term relationship with them without the usual drama and strings that come with the conventional ways of dating. The world of cougar dating is usually a much more honest and direct one, because most cougars are notorious and well known for their bluntness, directness an attitude.

A lot of myths and misconceptions surround cougar dating, and it's important that you understand the dynamics behind it. A number of people believe that cougars are nothing more than desperate, aging women who will say yes to every younger attractive male who gives them a shred of interest. This is far for truth - in fact, a recent study has shown that an increasing and growing number of younger attractive men are getting interested in cougar dating. Don't dismiss it if you haven't tried it - cougar dating definitely has a lot to offer, both to older women and young men.

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