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What happens with dating after AIDS?

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Dating with an serious STD like AIDS or HIV can be a very stressful endeavor, especially if you are just getting back to dating after you've been diagnosed. AIDS dating means that you will sooner or later have to face the dreaded "coming clean" - meaning that you will have to tell your date that you are positive. AIDS dating can cause so much stress and anxiety that many people affected with the condition would rather shut down and give up on dating and relationships rather than face the chance of a rejection. Therefore, AIDS dating often turns from something that's supposed to be exciting and fun into a big concern.

Rejection is something most people would prefer to avoid at any cost, and that goes double for people affected with AIDS. It's one thing to be rejected because of your behavior, incidental blunders or personal differences. It's not pleasant, but it's a part of the dating experience, and most people will tolerate it well enough. However, when someone rejects you because of your color, religion, beliefs and values, or worse yet, because of a health issue or disability, the pain can be too much to handle. But, if you are looking to start AIDS dating, you have to realize that it's nothing personal, and that you really have no control over it - so you might just stop worrying about it.

When it comes to AIDS dating, you have to keep one thing in mind. The world is full of people who don't understand or even try to understand anyone and anything who's different from them. This affect AIDS dating and people affected with AIDS the most, but deep down, you have to realize that a person who is so ignorant and intolerant doesn't deserve you in the first place. It's really their loss, and a relationship with such a person would end soon anyway. It's certainly not a excuse for you to give up on relationships and stop trying to make AIDS dating work.

If two people like each other, there isn't one issue that can't be solved. AIDS dating can work, and if your feelings for each other are real, honest and genuine, something we really can't change, or blame another person for should not be a deal breaker. So don't be afraid to be honest - it might lead to some initial disappointments, but it's really the only way to make AIDS dating work long term.

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