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Tired of bars and clubs? Try Speed dating

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Have you heard your share of cheesy and corny pickup lines? Don't enjoy loud clubs and crowded bars? Sat through way too many bad dates? Short on time? Why not give Speed dating a go?

Speed dating, or fast dating, five minute dating or blitz dating is not a new phenomenon. However, as popular as dating websites are becoming, some people still prefer to meet their potential mates face to face, and Speed dating can be a good middle ground between web sites that provide dating services and traditional ways of meeting and dating. Here are some of the best tips on Speed dating that you can find online - hopefully, they will be enough to get you started and involved in the exciting world of Speed dating events.

Speed dating is best defined as an established, organized way of meeting potential dates and romantic partners. In a Speed dating event, male and female participants, or " Speed daters" evaluate each other through a series of very brief one on one meetings. These often happen during the course of one single evening (which is great for those busy professionals and ladder climbers who can't be bothered with hour long dates and dinners). Speed dating is sometimes semi-jokingly called "musical chairs, but with people as prizes", and the description is pretty accurate.

Speed dating was initially tied to the Jewish community in major cities in the United States. It was a convenient way for Jewish singles to meet each other in cities where they were a minority, and thus Speed dating was the most convenient way for Jews to meet other potential dates of the same religion and culture. The concept of Speed dating was a major success, and it wasn't long before other, non-Jewish people caught up. These days, you can find Speed dating events in every major city in the US and Europe, and it's quickly becoming increasing popular in Japan, Korea and the rest of the world. The very first Speed dating event took place in Los Angeles, back in 1998, and it was an "LA thing" for a few years, until it caught the eye of the producers of Sex and the City. After Speed dating was featured in one of the episodes of the popular show, it quickly caught the public eye, and the Speed dating trend was born.

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