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Tips for mobile dating

Anyone who has ever dated knows exactly what it is like when there is little or nothing the two of you have in common. Once you get past those usual topics that everyone can talk about, like music, movies and friends you have in common and when conversations become dry, that is when minutes can turn into hours and you want nothing else than just to get out of there. Fortunately, there is something that can save you from this and it is called mobile dating.

Here are some general tips for anyone who is interested in mobile dating: First of all, there are some topics that you should avoid, especially if this is the first time you are trying this. Mobile dating is almost instant and leaves you very little time to prepare. So avoid talking about exes at least for the first few dates. Previous dates, whether they were good or bad are also to be avoided. This can say two things about you. Either you are sad about being dumped (although, you might be the one that did the dumping) or you could still be interested in him/her.

You also need to be yourself. Don’t try to be something you are not in order to impress someone. Don’t impersonate a member of the British royalty if in truth you are just a guy or girl from London. That won’t work. The harder you stick to the role you’ve given yourself, the more stuck you get in it. Eventually, once the truth is out, you’ll only risk offending the other side. You should also learn how to accept a compliment when it is given to you. A lot of men believe that women can’t properly take a compliment. If a compliment is given, just say “thank you” and don’t over think it. Just “thank you”, smile a little and move on to the next subject. It is that simple. This is very important when you are doing location based mobile dating. Often you don’t have enough time to prepare yourself (I’m talking about women as they often take more time than men to be pretty) and he offers you a compliment even though you don’t wear any make up or you are dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. He just might mean every word that he has said so don’t try to find any hidden meaning in his words and accept them the way they are.

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