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The rise of social dating sites

There is little coincidence in the attempt of many dating sites to upgrade their functionality in order to offer better and richer custom features for their regular members or just visitors. This is often made necessary with the rise of new technologies.

Every site that offer social dating has some basic features, such as: profile page, which can include short personal information and a photo; hobbies and interests and of course, a description for your perfect match and some criteria for more personal search. But because this sector is developing in a fast way more features are added. These can be: online chats, pm boards, user comments, ratings or sharing, image galleries, etc.

It is very important to make a clear difference between a social network and a dating site, although both can be used for social dating with almost equal success. Social networks have a wide variety of different feature to make them interesting, like games, voting, sharing content, chat and so on. So the dating side is usually not their primary concern. A dating site is made for only one purpose and that is to bring two people closer together.

We can thank the people’s need for socialization for this merge of social network and dating sites. This way people can keep in touch with their friends and still find a perfect match for them. It is actually quite logical if you think about it. What better way to make a dating site more appealing than to integrate it into a social network?

Let’s suppose that you are a proud owner of a dating site. All goes well at the start, but after a little time your site begins to lose visitors while the social sites are having a party. What to do in that situation? Go more social, of course. Make changes to your social dating site to get more people to it and keep the ones you already have.
The user is the one that ultimately determines what site he will go to and what site he or she will avoid. If a dating site has many interesting social features it will ultimately have much better chance to attract more customers. If they choose to remain rigid, they will soon find themselves on the margins and that is the last place that a person looking for a social dating will look for.

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