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The Best Quick Dates in Edinburgh

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It’s not a secret that quick dates in Edinburgh are a great opportunity to meet real love. Here all men and women strive to find someone to spend a life with. Such meetings are very useful not only for youth, but also for adults.  Usually young people want to find some adventure, light flirt or a person to start serious relationships with. At the same time, for adults, Scotland free dating gives a great opportunity to find a partner, a soul mate, with whom it is possible to spend all the life together.

So, if you have decided to become a part of UK quick dating, then you need to know how to behave and what to say while the meeting. First of all when you are going to a meeting, it is better to have in your head a small plan about what you can tell on a date on the following items:

  • What will it be profitable for me to tell about myself in order to interest everyone?
  • What do I want to know?
  • How to conduct a conversation in order to make a good impression?
  • How to make the dialogue memorable?
  • Define the scenario: if you want to be a speaker or a "good interlocutor" - listener.

Then you need to know, what it is better to tell about yourself, while a quick date:

First of all: mini-presentation:

  • introduce yourself – your name, without surname;
  • married / not married;
  • children / age / with whom they live;
  • whom you live with / along / with your parents ( you should not call the address);
  • education / field of professional interests (without minor details);
  • main interests: constant hobbies.

One more important fact is that you need to define some interesting topics to talk about:

  • Bright stories about your hobbies and interests;
  • Music, Literature, Dancing, Painting, Art, Cinema;
UK quick dating

Also, it is needed to ask some questions in order to get to know your interlocutor:

  • Find out all the main points from the presentation (marital status, area of ​​professional interests, hobbies)
  • You need to ask in such in order not to embarrass the interlocutor, but also to understand in a short time, the character of a new person. Depending on your level of education and areas of knowledge, it will be easier for you to ask about preferences in music, in literature, and so on. The easiest way to understand a person is by the films he/she watches. Why is it so? The answer is really simple, because your interlocutor can listen to a lot of different music that you don’t know, the same situation is with books. Cinematography is a fairly universal barometer of tastes and interests. You can talk about music in general, for example about the style - it's also good and simple to understand a person.

How to conduct a dialogue?

In conversation, it is better  to address  by name to your interlocutor, since for each of us the name is the most favorite word. Acquaintance lasts only 5-10 minutes, try to behave natural: an attempt to hide your excitement in any way can only spoil your image, it is better to be yourself. Surely you may say that you also feel awkward, and it’s okay that your interlocutor worries. Despite the fact that there is not much time for dialogs, it's better to speak slowly and distinctly. Don’t throw out a maximum of information on the interlocutor, just try to learn a lot ... In quick dates, first of it is important to feel, and not to be a chatter-box. The main thing is to understand in general whether you like the person or not. If yes, try to continue acquaintance and exchange telephones. If suddenly there is a pause - you can tell a story distracted from the dialogue (this can be an anecdote). Such universal stories you must prepare at home before the date.

UK dating

So, don’t be afraid to visit such a meeting! Who knows, probably at that event your future love will wait exactly for you. By the way, a famous UK actress Pollyanna McIntosh also found her first love at quick dates.

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