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Safety tips on using a free dating app

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Tips to help you stay safe when using a free dating app

With online dating becoming increasingly popular, it’s no wonder more and more people make a decision to give it a try. And why wouldn’t they? In the world of today, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get connected with a like-minded person and start a long lasting romantic relationship. However, one shouldn’t forget about their personal safety when dating online. If you’re using a free dating app, there are certain steps you can take in order to maximize your safety when interacting with various people behind the screen.

Don’t use photos from your social media channels

One can easily make an image search, and if you use your Facebook or Instagram photos for as profile pictures on a free dating app, it will be effortless for someone to identify you or even find your location.

Don’t hesitate blocking users if you feel something is not right

If you don’t get the right vibes form someone trying to get connected with you, it’s always possible to block them or even to report them. Don’t hesitate using this option on a free dating app out of fear of hurting their feelings. Your safety comes first.

Don’t share your personal information right away

If you haven’t met a person face to face, don’t share any personal information with them, especially your home address and bank details. Even if they claim they’d like to send you a bunch of flowers or a small gift, revealing your exact location is not a good idea. If someone insists on getting this information out of you, consider starting to look for your perfect match elsewhere.

Ignore the entire request for financial assistance

Even if you grow increasingly fond of a person you’ve met via a free dating app, don’t send them any money if you haven’t met them in person. There are plenty of scammers on all the dating sites, no matter how secure they claim to be, and the only thing they are up to is separating you with your hard earned money. Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing that happen.

Tell your friends or family about your online dating

Show the profile of a person you date online to your closest friends or family members. Share some details of your interaction with them. If your friends can point out some warning signals, take them seriously. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Remember this idiom when dating someone online.

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