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Lesbian dating - what works and what does not

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Imagine this scenario: you have asked that special lady out on your very first date. Sounds familiar? It might have. You might feel that you are becoming an expert in lesbian dating, but how many of your dates ever go beyond that first meeting? If your lesbian dating experience really boils down to a lot of first dates, you are not doing as well as you could. If you want to maximize your lesbian dating success, look over these few sure fire advices: they can make a big difference in your lesbian dating life.

Lesbian dating tip #1: Be relaxed, not sloppy. It's normal to have the jitters and be anxious before your first date. Don't use alcohol as a way to relax before your big Lesbian dating night - instead, drink some herbal tea, do some deep breathing or yoga. You want to be relaxed , and yet alert, not just drunk, obnoxious and sloppy.

Lesbian dating tip #2: Dress for success. Choose clothes you feel good in rather than that sexy little dress that really doesn't fit you as well as it could. One thing to pay special attention at is footwear: you want to wear something comfortable, and yet dressy and flattering. But make sure that comfort and fit is your top priority: your big Lesbian dating night can quickly be ruined by uncomfortable shoes.

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Lesbian dating tip #3: Choose the right activity and venue. You want to maximize your opportunities to talk and connect, so a quiet cafe or an intimate bar are a better choice than a loud nightclub. Also, don't take your date to one of your regular watering holes where you will run into a bunch of your friends or even old Lesbian dating partners. Try to build your Lesbian dating night out around activities that encourage sharing, talking and getting to know each other.

Lesbian dating tip #4: Have a few conversation topics ready. In Lesbian dating (or any other dating for that matter), it's always wise to have a few topics you can easily get into when the conversation starts to go stale and drag along. Trivia, popular music, celebrities, fashion and current events are always good topics. Keep it light and fun, rather than deep and heavy, and don't try to steer every conversation to the topics you enjoy, or dominate the exchange - keep her involved and engaged by asking questions and listening too.

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