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How to recognize a dating scam?

With the rise of online dating sites we can witness the rise of dating scams. Many people are drawn into this and don’t even realize it until it is too late to do anything.
The main intention of any scam, including dating scam is to lure people on dating sites to give them their money one way or another. It is therefore very important to be familiar with the many types of these scams so as to better avoid them.

There can be one scammer or he can be a part of a larger group. These people work in perfect coordination and chat with members of a dating site by creating a fake profile. Often their first step is to find a suitable victim and create a profile that best match his or hers interests in order to gain that person’s interest. and make them think that they are the ideal partner. Once that they gain that person’s trust and he/she lowers her guard, they can become a victim of one of the four types of dating scams: travel scam, phone scam, prostitute scam or postal scam. When it comes to the travel scam, the scammer will tell you that he/she is living abroad and that they currently don’t have the money to see you, although they would very much like to do so. Of course, once you send them the money that is the last you will hear from them.

Phone scam has been around even before the online dating site. Usually the person that you’ve been chatting for sometime will ask you to give them a call on a specific phone number. Of course, this is not their true number and you risk getting a large phone bill.

Prostitute scams are also very often. It is actually very simple and prostitutes use dating sites to gain more costumers this way. Usually they create a false profile, under a sleazy username, add a few “interesting” details to make it more recognizable. Don’t be fooled if you are told that this is a genuine attempt of a said person to meet someone outside their world. This is also a lie.

Postal scams are used mostly by people from Africa. They will ask you to send money to a specific country making a plausible reason for you to do so. Many people have fallen victim to this scam.

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