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Being a divorced single is not the end of your dating life

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So many divorced singles out there are looking for that second chance for love and romance, and if you are one of them, you are probably a bit reluctant or even scared to get back in the dating game. The good news is that divorced singles dating is definitely possible, and many people - including myself - have already been there. Let me share a little story that just might give you that little push you need to get back into the world of divorced singles dating.

A good friend of mine, Peter, was going through a particularly nasty and painful divorce some six months ago. It was one of those stories you hear - he actually walked in on his wife and another man. Naturally, he took it pretty hard, fell into a depression, and didn't have the energy to get back out there and go on with his life. There's no shame in that, mind you - If you are just recently divorced, it's normal to feel that way for a time. But sooner or later, you need to get back into the world, and divorced singles dating websites might just be the perfect place to start and maybe even meet the next love of your life.

In Peter's case, it was actually his therapist that suggested that he should get back into dating, and that starting with online dating might be a good way to make the transition easier. He shared this with me, and we proceeded to create his very first divorced singles dating website profile. I brought my digital camera, we choose the best pictures (read: the ones that make him look tall and hide his beer belly), and he started filling up his profile. The website we choose is one of the most popular ones, and divorced singles dating seemed like the most normal thing on there - a quick search of their users has shown that a significant percentage of the website members were divorced.

Initially, neither Peter or me expected fireworks - we were mostly looking for his first divorced singles dating experience to give him back the realization that he still has options. But to our surprise, he almost instantly started getting tons of emails, messages, winks and pokes from interested girls. I was truly amazed by the transformation that followed - Peter has gone from an emotional trainwreck to a confident, optimistic man in just a few short weeks.

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